Thank you for being part of our ministries through your financial commitment. With our finances we can express our love of God, the church and others. A generous life is a true expression of a life committed to Christ and His mission for His church. Through joyful generosity our lives are changed and our world can be positively influenced. Our giving will have a significant impact on the church and our own individual spiritual journey as we follow God’s leading toward living a committed, generous life.

How Can I Donate at EAEC!?

At a weekend service. Using cash or cheques. Write cheques to Beulah Alliance Church and place it in the special envelope marked "EAEC". The envelopes are available only at the chapel. Give the envelope to one of the stewards. Make sure you write your name and mailing address in order to receive a tax receipt. Official tax receipts are sent out by Beulah at the end of each year.

Debit Card – In the lobby two debit machines are available anytime the building is open. Make sure that your put your debit note in the designated EAEC envelope.

Bank payee online – Beulah is listed as a payee by a number of major Canadian banks. (an account number can be obtained by contacting the church office)

Credit card online – You can donate online through Beulah's online system using a credit card. Click here to be see instructions.